NovoTools Basic Diamond blade 115x22.23 mm Continuous

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NovoTools Basic Diamond Blade 115x22.23 mm Continuous - DIY Series

Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, the NovoTools Basic Diamond Blade is a must-have tool for your DIY arsenal. This Continuous type blade, with a diameter of 115mm (4 1/2") and bore size of 22.2 mm (7/8"), is specifically engineered for smooth and clean cutting through tiles, ceramics, glass materials, and marble.

Ideal for both wet and dry cutting tasks, this blade is compatible with most standard angle grinders, cordless angle grinders, and cordless cut-off saws. It features a segment height of 5mm, ensuring a high cutting performance.

Operating at a maximum speed of 13,300 RPM or 80 m/s, it delivers precise and efficient cuts every time. However, for your safety, it is imperative not to exceed the maximum operating speed and to use the proper personal protective equipment when handling this blade.

Manufactured according to EN 13236, the NovoTools Basic Diamond Blade complies with stringent safety standards, ensuring a safe and secure operation.

Key Features:
  • 115mm (4-1/2") Diameter Continuous Blade
  • 22.2 mm (7/8") Bore Size: Fits Most Standard Angle Grinders
  • Application: Suitable for Wet and Dry Cutting Tasks on Ceramic, Tiles, Porcelains, and Marble
  • Segment Height: 5mm for High Cutting Performance
  • Maximum Speed: 13,300 RPM or 80 m/s
  • Safety: Manufactured According to EN 13236
  • Compatible with Angle Grinders, Cordless Angle Grinder, and Cordless Cut-off Saws

The NovoTools Basic Diamond Blade provides the precision, performance, and safety you need for all your DIY projects. Tackle your tasks with confidence and ease with this reliable and efficient cutting tool.


Series: Basic (DIY)

Type: Continuous

Diameter: 115 mm (4 1/2")

Bore size: 22.2 mm (7/8")

Segment high: 5 mm

Application: Cutting disc for tiles, ceramics, and glass materials

Power tools: Angle grinder

Max. speed: 13 300 rpm, 80 m/s

Barcode EAN-13: 5060511134163

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