Diamond Polishing Pad NovoAbrasive Star shape 100mm (4"), P400

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The diamond polishing pad is a tool that helps to refine concrete, granite, and marble surfaces for a mirror finish. You need a diamond polishing pad if you want your surfaces honed, smooth, and without any scratches.

  • Diameter: 100 mm (4") - Star shape
  • Grit: P400
  • Scope: Heavy Scratches
  • Recommended RPM: 1500-2000
  • Perfect for Granite, Concrete, Marble, Stone, Tiles, etc.

One diamond pad may last anywhere between 50 and 70 square meters. However, this figure depends on the type of pad and the surface.

100mm (4") diamond polishing pads for both wet and dry use, but the best results.

These are ideal for polishing granite and marble worktops. The diamond Flexiblocks are also very useful for edge dressing slabs, tiles, and glass tops as well as polishing small areas.

Material: diamond powder and resin powder. Aggressive and Durable, made with quality Diamond Powder impregnated in Resin.

Applications: Great For All Solid Surface Materials. Perfect for Granite, Concrete, Marble, Stone, Tiles, etc.

Can be used dry, but the Best Results are with water.

High-quality nylon velvet, firmly bonded, can be repeatedly torn and pasted.


Diameter: 100 mm (4")

Grit: 400

Thickness: 5.0 mm (3/16")

Scope: Heavy Scratches

Recommended RPM: 1500-2000

Transport box, pcs: 250

Barcode EAN-13: 4820240811312

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