Flap disc NovoAbrasive Profi T27 125*22.2mm, P40, aluminum oxide, pack of 10 pcs.

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Flap disc NovoAbrasive Profi, aluminum oxide

Professional Series — PROFI ****
The best value for money. First choice for both ordinary consumers and professional use.

Main features:
  • Diameter, mm: 125
  • Grit: 40
  • Type: 27
  • Abrasive grain: Aluminum Oxide
  • Set, pcs: 10

TYPE 27 is used for processing the plane. The optimal operating angle for flat discs is from 0° to 15°. Flap discs are best suited for surface preparation and finishing.

  • Cleaning flash from molds and castings
  • Removing rust
  • Edge grinding
  • Deburring
  • Blending weld seams

Do not exceed the maximum operating speed indicated on the discs.
Always use the proper personal protective equipment.

Flap discs are produced on modern Italian equipment using Italian technology and compositions. All flap discs meet all the necessary standards of quality and safety: EN 13 743, ISO9001:2015.


Series: PROFI

Diameter: 125 mm (5")

Grit: 40

Type: 27

Abrasive grain: Aluminum Oxide

Bore size: 22.2 mm (7/8")

Max. speed: 12 200 rpm, 80 m/s

Set, pcs: 10

Barcode EAN-13: 4820173093724

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