NovoTools Wire Brushes For Drills, set of 4 pcs.

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NovoTools Wire Brushes for Drills - Set of 4, Ideal for Aggressive Cleaning on Multiple Surfaces

Elevate your cleaning tasks with the NovoTools Wire Brushes for Drills - a versatile set of 4 brushes designed for aggressive cleaning performance. Whether you're a professional looking for effective cleaning solutions or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, this set is engineered to deliver outstanding results on various surfaces.

Key Features and Benefits:
1.Aggressive Cleaning: NovoTools is known for quality, and this set lives up to the reputation. It provides an aggressive cleaning performance, making it ideal for removing coatings, rust, and paint from a range of surfaces.
2.Versatile Set: The set includes four brushes, each tailored for specific tasks:
  • 1 Cup Brush (75mm)
  • 1 Wheel Brush (75mm)
  • 1 Spiral Brush (60x95mm)
  • 1 End Brush (25mm)
3.Robust Wire: The brushes feature crimped wire construction for durability and effective cleaning.
4.Wide Application: Suitable for various materials, including non-ferrous metals, steel, aluminum, metal pipes, profiles, softwood, and hardwood.
5.Straight Shank: All brushes come with a 6mm straight shank, ensuring hassle-free attachment to rotary drills and impact drills.
6.Bulk Packaging: The transport box contains 48 sets, providing ample supply for your cleaning needs.

This set of wire brushes is perfect for tasks involving non-ferrous metals, steel, aluminum, pipes, profiles, and wood. Whether you're preparing surfaces for welding, restoring metalwork, or rejuvenating wood, these brushes are your reliable companions.

  • Removing coatings, rust, and paint on small-to-medium steel and non-ferrous metal surfaces.

Compatible with:
  • Rotary Drills and Impact Drills.

Invest in excellence and elevate your cleaning tasks to new levels of efficiency and reliability. Order your NovoTools Wire Brushes for Drills - Set of 4 today and experience the difference in performance and quality.


Type of Wire Brush: Cup Brushes for Drills

Diameter: 75 mm

Wire thickness: 0.3 mm

Material: Crimped wire

Straight shank, mm: 6

Transport box, pcs: 48

Barcode EAN-13: 5060511133296

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