NovoAbrasive Nylon Clean and Strip Disc T27 125x22.2mm, black

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NovoAbrasive Nylon Clean and Strip Disc 125mm - Professional Black Soft Cleaning and Coating Removal Disc

Elevate your surface preparation with the NovoAbrasive Nylon Clean and Strip Disc T27 125x22.2mm, tailored for professionals specializing in finishing, coating removal, and cleaning tasks. This black (soft) disc, part of our PROFI series, offers top-tier quality and performance.

Key Features:
  • Effective Cleaning Power: Equipped with silicon carbide abrasive grains, this disc excels in removing coatings, rust, and tenacious contaminants from various surfaces.
  • Soft and Flexible: The black color signifies its softness, making it an excellent choice for intricate cleaning and stripping applications.
  • Optimal Size: With a 125mm (5") diameter and 22.2mm (7/8") bore size, this disc provides outstanding compatibility with a variety of angle grinders.
  • Efficient Performance: Operating at a maximum speed of 7,600 rpm (50 m/s), this disc ensures efficient cleaning and coating removal, streamlining your tasks.
  • Versatile Application: Whether it's finishing work, coating removal, or thorough cleaning, this disc proves its versatility across diverse projects.
  • Safety Assured: Compliant with EN13743 safety requirements, this disc prioritizes your well-being during every operation.

Whether you're a seasoned contractor or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, the NovoAbrasive Nylon Clean and Strip Disc is meticulously engineered to meet your surface preparation needs and exceed your expectations. Bid farewell to stubborn coatings and embrace the efficient, precise results consistently delivered by this disc.

Invest in the NovoAbrasive Nylon Clean and Strip Disc today to experience unmatched cleaning and coating removal capabilities. Elevate your surface preparation to the highest standard with this leading choice in cleaning and stripping discs.


Series: PROFI

Diameter: 125 mm (5")

Color: Black (Soft)

Type: 27

Bore size: 22.2 mm (7/8")

Max. speed: 7 600 rpm, 50 m/s

Power tools: Angle grinder

Application: Finishing, Coating Removal, Cleaning

Abrasive grain: Silicon Carbide

Safety requirements: EN13743

EAN-13: 4820240810377

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