NovoAbrasive Sanding sponge 100x68x42x26 mm, P240

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Sanding sponge NovoAbrasive

The sanding blocks are made from high-quality aluminum oxide and high density sponges as bases - Good flexibility and easy to use, with No sand loss, and long service life.

  • Size: 100x68x42x26 mm
  • Grit: P240
  • Aluminium Oxide
  • Suitable for Use on Wood, Metal, Plaster & Filler
  • Wet & Dry Use
  • Washable & Reusable

  • softwood;
  • paint on wood.

The smaller number means the coarser grit and the higher efficiency of polishing, but the rough the grinding effect, you can first choose the small number for roughing and then choose the larger number for fine processing.

Sanding sponge blocks NovoAbrasive are not only suitable for polishing dry surface of the object, but also available for wet surfaces because the sponge has good water absorption, which means it can keep polishing with water.

These sanding blocks are washable and reusable, they are very convenient to clean after use, and you can rinse them with water directly. After cleaning and drying, they can be reused.

The sanding blocks are suitable for many kinds of surfaces such as wood, paint, metal, plastic, or wall. You can use them to clean kitchen appliances, polish wooden furniture, and metal equipment, or polish amber surfaces.

Sanding sponge NovoAbrasive is washable and reusable.
Dual grit to cover multiple project requirements and angled edges for corners and hard-to-reach areas.

Use on wood, paint, varnish, plaster, and filler.


Size: 100x68x42x26 mm

Grit: 240

Shape: Trapezoidal

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